Nov 10, 2015


It's the best time of year because it gets a little bit cooler, the clothes are better and then there's Christmas.  Oh and the great home cooked food too.

I finished my class which I was so happy to get behind me.  I don't miss the drive everyday.  I do admit I miss the people and nurses I met along the way, not to mention the patients.

We had our fair the week after our class wrapped up.  Crowded as usual and many friends and family were seen.  We had a great time.
Shelby wanted to carve pumpkins so they picked up 3 and we spent the weekend after the fair carving.  It was storming outside so the living room and newspaper with garbage bags it was.  I decided to paint mine.
The one on the left is a pirate and the one on the left is Simba.
I had surgery on Oct. 30 so no dressing up for me this year.  I'm feeling much better already and am glad it's over.  Onward towards my goals.