Oct 10, 2015

Where is the fall weather?

I love when the fall drinks arrive at Starbucks.  That means cooler weather is on the way.  Leggings and sweaters come out and boots go on.  Football season starts and we gather around the fire pit with friends and family to catch up.  Well....every thing's coming together except the cooler weather in Louisiana.  It's still been in the 80's and 90's here.  We've had a few cool fronts and a couple of days of 60's and 70's but then right back to the hot weather.  I hope we're not still in shorts for Thanksgiving.

I started my refresher course and most of the rooms were on isolation precautions so we had to do this before entering each and every time.  And I ran into a friend and fellow student that I graduated from nursing school with at one of the facilities that I did clinicals at.  So great to see her after so many years.  She is a wound care nurse now and her knowledge on this subject is unbelievable.  I learned so much from her in a short time.
Steps taken the first day of our 12 hour clinical at a very busy long term acute care hospital.

We went to the Blues Fest again this year, I only got to go one day.  Randy was excited because it was our first time to hear Keb Mo live.  We discovered his music on one of our road trips when we first met 17 years ago.  He sounded wonderful live.
Mom and I toasting just because we are healthy and alive.  Always cause for a celebration and a photo op.  So happy and blessed to have her with me.
And we did get a visit from the two lovebirds this past month.  They've been really busy.  I was so happy to see them.  We were all on our phones and I looked up and caught this shot.  They're so cute together.
My latest photo taken this week.  I've lost a total of 51 lbs. since March.  I'm so happy and feel so much better.  I believe if it hadn't been for Tru I wouldn't have been so productive this summer and I certainly wouldn't be going through this class and clinicals with hopes of going back to work in the near future.  It's all God's plan.  He wants me making a difference somewhere and he will lead me to that place.  I have faith.
On a sad note we lost our beloved Bailey.  She was with us for 13 years.  She loved Randy and she was his "baby".  She followed him everywhere he went, waited by the back door when she knew it was time for him to come home and paced when he was late.  He was her world.  We knew the time was getting close just by the signs she was showing.  We will miss her terribly and I still look around expecting to see her but she's not there.  I love animals and loosing them is a part of the process but it's an awful hurt to have.

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