Jun 30, 2014

New Adventures

Last year Randy made me a homemade simple loom out of a piece of wood with nails at the top and bottom. It was really heavy and I made 2 tapestries on it and went on to something else.  I think I tend to have A.D.D. when it comes to crafts because I've tried just about everything there is out there now.

I love Instagram and had been seeing people posting all of these weaving photos.  I found Maryanne Moodie's feed through Elise Cripe.  She posted a cute little kit with a beginner loom and all you needed to start on your weaving adventures.  I mentioned this to Randy and guess what I got for Mother's Day?  He's so great with surprises.  I immediately sat down and started warping and weaving or is that wefting?  I've watched multiple YouTube videos, learned some new information and ordered used books.  I've called about classes, found one local that will be in August that I can take and drove to a yarn store in Baton Rouge, LA.  I guess you could say when I get interested in something I dive right in and go all out.  I investigate it fully then see what I can do.  I even researched rigid heddle looms and so did Randy but just the warping on those gave me anxiety and a headache so I'm going to stick to the frame loom for right now and maybe when I get enough courage and some instruction behind me I'll venture out and learn more.

To say this year has been all about learning is an understatement.  I've broadened my horizons and just went for it.  I've taught myself new things, tried new types of art and figured it out as I went along.  Last year I wouldn't have even tried.  I'm very proud of myself.

The beginner loom and my first try with the kit yarn.

2nd tapestry
My 3rd is on the left.  I did all the new things I learned while watching youtube videos.  The 4th I tried to make a heart and added very long rya to the end.  I love how it turned out.

And my 5th one which I'm super proud of because I did a pattern all on my own.  I used all cotton thread for this one and just a regular stick from the yard because I couldn't find any dowel rods the right size.  It looks very southwestern to me.

I'm currently knitting a scarf for this fall with some yummy wool I bought at the yarn store but I got the greatest yarn to weave with and most was on sale so I'll be back at it soon.

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